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Building a residence on a conventional crawlspace or a concrete slab foundation is a common decision homeowners must make. We, at Oly Mattera Construction, believe that the design and construction of the concrete foundation should be tailored to the geography and climatic conditions that it is expected to perform under.

The foundation type should be chosen by taking into consideration the type of soil underneath it and the loads placed on top of it. We understand that the long-term performance of the foundation is greatly influenced by the employment of concrete pouring best practices like proper lot grading, adequate site surface water drainage, or a proper landscaping plan.

Types of Concrete Foundations:

■ Conventional (T-Shape)

This is the most common foundation type to support a structure and the method is mostly employed in the areas where the ground freezes. We place a footing below the frost line and then the walls are added on top. When building T-shaped foundations we make sure to allow it to cure properly before the walls are constructed; and finally, we pour the slab between the walls.

Creating a crawlspace has major benefits; the heating and air conditioning ductwork and plumbing can be installed in it as well as easily maintained. Any repairs that have to be done to these systems will be less expensive due to better accessibility. A crawlspace also elevates the house, making it less prone to termite and water damage. Crawlspaces can also be constructed on sloped lots using tiered concrete footings; however, the lot’s grading plan must provide adequate drainage. This is to prevent damage from adverse surface water drainage.

■ Slab-on-grade

We pour the concrete slab thicker at the edges, to form an integral footing with reinforcing rods to strengthen the thickened edge. The slab is a single layer of concrete, several inches thick, which usually rests on a bed of crushed gravel to improve drainage. We also cast a wire mesh to prevent cracking of the concrete. This technique is suitable in areas where the ground doesn’t freeze, but it can also be adapted with insulation to prevent it from being affected by the frost heaves.

There are advantages to building a slab foundation. After removing the topsoil, concrete slab foundations can be built on grade over undisturbed soil, if conditions allow. That way, the required labor, excavation work, and costs can be held to a minimum. The completion time of the project can be reduced by using this technique. A slab is also the more preferred choice in regards to pests being prevented from getting under the house. A leaking toilet or shower pan will not damage a concrete slab floor. A slab can also help insulate a house, saving money on heating bills.

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