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Drywells and Rechargers

Drywells and Rechargers

If you would like to manage storm water on your property but do not want to develop a rain garden, Oly Mattera Construction is the company to call in order to get a dry well installed right.

A dry well is usually an excavated pit that is filled with either stone or gravel and it helps to temporarily store storm water runoff until it manages to soak into the surrounding soil. A dry well can be connected to a roof downspout to collect storm water from rooftops. A dry well provides many of the benefits of a rain garden, but does not involve planting or landscape maintenance.

A dry well is a quick and simple way to manage the storm water from your rooftop and allow it to infiltrate directly into the soil to recharge the groundwater aquifer. Dry wells help protect the water quality by reducing storm water runoff and sewer overflows into the local streams and rivers.

A dry well is mostly appropriate for a home with a large lot. The dry well must be constructed at least 10 feet from your house or any other building that is level with yours. It should be at least 25 feet from buildings that are downhill from the dry well. Typically, we conduct an infiltration test to determine if your soil conditions are suitable for a dry well.

Our company specializes in drywells and rechargers services in the Fairfield County Area and throughout Connecticut. Our experience, capabilities, and personnel are top notch. We offer quality services at very reasonable prices.

Contact Oly Mattera Construction today (203-856-9074) to learn how we can help you with your drywells and rechargers project.

We can handle everything from excavation and foundation to waterproofing and all construction site development.