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We at Oly Mattera Construction believe that waterproofing is essential to the completion and full delivery of a concrete foundation project.

The main cause for foundation problems is water. Wet soil beneath a foundation can cause swelling or lose of strength. Wet or damp basements and crawl spaces are prone to mold development and can make underground interior spaces humid and in poor condition. The main problem is that typical concrete is not waterproof. Even though apparently un-cracked foundations will keep out liquid water, the water can still penetrate quite easily. Keeping water away from concrete foundations is essential to a successful structure.

We deal with three components of any system designed to keep water out, as following:

  • Drains to move water away from the bottom of the foundation
  • Wall treatment to prevent moisture from moving through the wall and to route water down to the drains
  • Ground surface treatment adjacent to the building to direct surface water away

■ Waterproofing versus damp proofing

These two concepts are closely related; however they are different in the technique and final goal. Damp proofing is intended to keep out only soil moisture. Waterproofing helps keep out both moisture and liquid water. Damp proofing is usually an asphalt-based coating that is either sprayed on or hand applied to the outside of the wall. For waterproofing a foundation the same wall and drain pipe treatments as for damp proofing are applied but it is much more exacting in the treatment of the wall itself.

Our company specializes in waterproofing services in the Fairfield County Area and throughout Connecticut. Our experience, capabilities, and personnel are top notch. We offer quality services at very reasonable prices.

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