Concrete work and foundations

Oly Mattera Construction offers you a one-stop shop for all your concrete construction needs. Whether your project is a small patio or a larger residential or commercial structure, we can handle it from start to finish. We use high quality materials and adhere to all official concrete standards. Our emphasis on quality and proven concrete construction practices results in top-quality projects every time.

Excavation, drainage and septic systems

As a Fairfield County, Connecticut excavation services contractor, Mattera has completed excavation projects for individual custom home builders, residential developers, commercial builders, corporations, and utilities companies.

You don’t last as a construction company for over 50 years by delivering sub-par services. In construction it’s all about the value and quality of your work.

At Oly Mattera Construction in Fairfield County, Conn., we’ve succeeded by offering competitive prices and excellent craftsmanship on every job. If you’re shopping for a residential or commercial construction contractor in Fairfield County, consider calling us. We would be happy to work up a quote free of charge.